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Teo. Sabina. Barcelona. Or, in other words, one copywriter, one art-director and our idea to raise money for Barcelona, where we'll take part in the ADCE Awards, as Young Jury. We got the first step out of the way. ADC Romania's jury decided our idea was a winner. In the next chapter of our experience, we'll have to actually raise the money to get there. Will it be easy? Will it be difficult? Stay tuned and find out. We promise it will be worth it for the entire industry.


"Simupack is an all-win idea. For us and for all the agencies in Romania." We all know that an advertising presentation has more chances to sell the idea if it looks great. But a picture isn't really worth a thousand words if it's grainy, poor in quality and, most important, far from authentic. What's the point in simulating an outdoor activation for Bucharest, if the image is from a Roman square or New York street? Yeah, it looks good. But once it leaves the ppt, the idea gets lost in the reality.

The problem was that Romanian creatives don't have an image bank with pictures from Romania. Problem solved! For starters, we launch the project with packages of high-res images from the most crowded areas of Bucharest: Piata Romana, Universitate, Piata Victoriei. The places all the media agencies fight for.

And we won't stop here. As we raise more money, we'll continue to build the stock mock-ups for Romanian ad agencies. Get ready for new sections, such as portraits, groups of people, landscapes and pure Romanian insights captured in pictures. Try searching now for 'Romanian men eating sunflower seeds and drinking beer out of a PET'. Zero results. That's why working in Romanian advertising is all the reasons you need to buy Simupacks.

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